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Gas Chemistry and Gas Treatment

Today it is difficult to imagine life without gases. As combustion and heating gases, in food and drink, in automobiles or in health care: gases with defined composition or purity have to be manufactured, transported and stored.
Besides the gas analysis, our working scope also includes testing and development of customized measurement technology. Further focal areas include underground gas storage and processes relating to gas treatment. Routine analysis and research complement each other in our processes. Our customers can confirm the high quality standards of the DBI Group.

The handling of compressed gases requires high security standards. In our work in the development of new technologies and the consultation of our customers, these standards are always of the highest priority.

Business Areas:

  • Control of gas composition – gas analysis (natural gas, associated gas, biogas, liquid gas)
  • Services for the chemical industry
  • Monitoring of odorization in local networks, conversion of odorants
  • Solution concepts for analytical and operational questions concerning gas facilities
  • Specialized studies regarding underground storages
  • Gas treatment processes such as: Membrane process, Absorption, Adsorption
  • Process simulation for gas processing (phase behavior) including software development
  • Measurement of condensate
  • Development and research in the field of EOR/EGR
  • Investigations on separation and underground storage of H2 and CO2


Contact Person

Dipl.-Chem. Udo Lubenau
Head of Department

  (+49) 341 - 24 57 160
  (+49) 341 - 24 57 136

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