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Opto-acoustic diagnostics - OPTISOS® 2.0


The OPTISOS® 2.0 offers the possibility to look live into your running process, to monitor, evaluate and analyze it. Recognize changes in your system with the latest analysis technology from the DBI Group before issues appear.

We enable condition evaluation in the visible spectral range, detect heat sinks and determine temperature distributions inside the plant and on the product.

Advantages and product data of the system can be found here.



Visualization in the UV or IR range enables the evaluation of non-illuminating flames in high-temperature systems during operation. Changes in flames can be detected at an early stage, processes can be optimized and parameter changes can be evaluated live. This results in higher efficiency, shorter plant shutdowns and improved product quality.

Further information on our systems can be found here.


Vibroflamm and Vibroflamm HS

In addition to our optical measurement systems, we offer opto-acoustic measurement and diagnostic methods for thermoprocessing plants. These make it possible to identify critical oscillation frequencies in thermal process plants, to locate the causes and, ideally, to eliminate the oscillations. This is either done by identifying the critical vibrations by measuring the critical vibration frequencies inside and outside the plant using conventional vibration transducers or with the newly developed Vibroflamm HS based on high-speed recordings of the burners. This is especially suitable for multi-burner systems.

Further information on our systems can be found here.


Portfolio of services

Additionally we offer our products as an integrated service. We supply the assessment of interior and exterior walls and brick lining, burner evaluation and service and mechanical and gas-technical plant peripherals with additional offers to increase overall efficiency and optimization ideas.

In the case of plant damages, we can be at your plant within 24 hours from the first call. During ongoing operation, we analyze damage down to the product and plant and decide together with you whether further operation is possible or a shutdown is inevitable.



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