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Power-to-Gas | Hydrogen in the Natural Gas Network

Cross-sectoral cooperation in Power-to-Gas (Source: DBI 2016)
Cross-sectoral cooperation in Power-to-Gas (Source: DBI 2016)

Transforming the energy systems of today will require innovative solutions, which can ensure security of supply whilst increasing the interconnection between various industrial sectors (electricity, gas, mobility, chemical, and further industries). Power-to-Gas offers a promising solution to advance energetic interconnection. In recent years, we have been at the forefront of the integration of Power-to-Gas technologies into the existing energy networks in Germany. Our work has involved cooperation with a wide-range of partners such as the “Gas Production and Energy Systems“ unit at the German Association for Gas and Water (DVGW), the Power to Gas Strategy Platform of the German Energy Agency (DENA), Performing Energy, and companies like RWE/Westnetz, Greenpeace Energy, Volkswagen, 50 Hertz, and Energie Park Mainz. In order to encourage greater exchange of ideas and establish a common European understanding of hydrogen tolerance in the gas network, we founded the HIPS-NET network.

Services for Power-to-Gas Projects

Our experienced team can support your Power-to-Gas projects in the following areas:

  • Conducting viability studies based on precise data analysis of gas- and electricity grid capacities
  • Identifying opportunities for development through profitability analysis of the entire Power-to-Gas value chain
  • Evaluating the tolerance of the gas grid and connected users to renewably-produced gas (in particular hydrogen), and the issuing of technical safety clearance
  • Safety and risk analysis for the feed-in of renewably-produced gases to the natural gas grid
  • Dimensioning and design of Power-to-Gas facilities including planning, construction and documentation of feed-in facilities and necessary metering devices


HIPS-NET: Europe-wide Network

The HIPS-NET network focusses on exploring the tolerance of the gas infrastructure to higher levels of hydrogen. The project is coordinated by DBI in close cooperation with GERG and aims to encourage greater information exchange between more than 30 research institutions and industrial partners across Europe. Partners receive a quarterly newsletter with updates on current projects and the latest developments in the field and are invited to join a workshop once a year. The HIPS-NET network offers its partners a unique opportunity to exchange information and to network with peers and experienced colleagues. The network hopes to encourage the formulation of a common, Europe-wide understanding of the hydrogen tolerance in gas infrastructure and to promote common research projects. New partners in the HIPS-NET network are welcome at any time.

What are our core topics? (Source: DBI 2016)
What are our core topics? (Source: DBI 2016)
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Energiepark Mainz

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Dortmunder Energie- und Wasserversorgung GmbH (DEW21)

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Volkswagen AG

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50Hertz Transmission GmbH

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Planning and Layout of a Hydrogen-Biogas Pipeline for Feed-in to the Natural Gas Network, 2012



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